Weekly Update #0: War on Zombies Release Trailer!

War on Zombies Available on Google Play!

Welcome to the first of many Weekly Updates to come. Although they will regularly be posted on Fridays, today is a special day.

As you may have surmised, NonLocality might have a new game out. There might be a trailer at the end of this post. It might be for FREE on Google Play right here: https://goo.gl/049F6m

Thank you to everyone who has supported NonLocality Software. For the past 2 years NonLocality has been hard at work building new worlds for you to explore. The biggest is AEON: Genesis, which is in production right now, and I know many of you are eager to know more, but I ask your patience. The other project has been a pilot project developed over the past 7 weeks, titled: "War on Zombies".

     War on Zombies is a mobile game that focuses on survival for an indefinite number of rounds, where you play the Hero, and earn points through killing zombies. You then spend these points on perks, upgrades, and new weapons to give yourself the ability to keep up with the ever-growing undead. The game was intended to be free from the start, without micro-transactions, as a way to reach out to the fanbase and build a community.

At the time of release there is only one level, the Hospital. But fret not, for NonLocality will be updating the game with a new map every Friday til mid-December! Additionally there will be new weapons and character variations added as we go. All free of charge, of course. If you want to support NonLocality, please share it with your friends; word of mouth is the greatest way to spread an idea, even if it's as simple an idea as a free zombie shooting game. You'd be surprised at how quickly it could spread, almost like... a virus. Hmm.

Anyway, here's a trailer, I hope you enjoy! Stay NonLocal, Friends.