Stay Connected. NonLocally.


Who is NonLocality?

     We are an indie game developer based in Oklahoma City. We aim to push the quality of gaming, elevate the Player, and expand thought; connecting to players through art.

Zachary Ledbetter

Zachary is the unbroken internal monologue driving the many ideas at NonLocality. He is also much of the driving force behind implementing that monologue. Zachary was born in Oklahoma City, and lives there currently with his cat, Chi.


What is NonLocality?

     In quantum physics, nonlocality is the property of matter to remain connected at a distance. When two molecules have their bond broken, even when separated by millions of light-years, action with one causes the other to react accordingly.

     Einstein called this "Spooky action at a distance", but we at NonLocality believe that this applies to everything and everyone. No matter how far apart we are, we're still connected on the most fundamental level, and that's something worth talking about.